Pickup & Delivery

Cooper’s Food Market now offers online ordering with in-store pickup or home delivery. You may order anything from our extensive inventory of Fresh Fruits & Vegetables, Grocery Items, Hardware, Fresh Meats & Deli, Liquor Agency Store and more. Just tell us what you need and we’ll do our best to get it for you. Any special requests for groceries, sundries, hardware, liquor, etc. should be ordered prior to noon time on Mondays to allow sufficient time to order product for the coming week.

Please fill out the information below and click the ‘Send’ button to make your order. Once we have filled your order, we will e-mail you details on how to submit your payment. Once your payment has processed we will let you know and have your order ready for pickup. If your order is for home delivery, we will contact you to make all the necessary arrangements.

if you would prefer to submit your order by text, please send your message to 902-940-7413.